Facilities & Resources

The following resources are available to students on campus:

Student E-Accounts

Tel: CNS — 416-736-5800

To activate your York e-mail account go to the York Home page, then click on "Current Students," then click on "My Mail" on the right side of the screen and then follow the prompts.

Graduate Listserv

An electronic announcement board (listserv) is established each year as a way for the Graduate Program Director and Program Assistant to communicate with the students. Students may also post to the listserv. The listserv is comprised of graduate faculty members, staff and students. Information relayed includes upcoming conferences and seminars, financial awards, employment positions, and program deadlines and information. Please ensure that you inform the Graduate Program office of a change in e-mail address.

Resource Centre

There are books, past students' theses and some PRPs available for two week loan from the Social Work Office. These are here for students' convenience and we ask you to please sign out the books with an office staff member. The resource centre is located in the main social work office. Please ask a staff member to assist you with the cabinets if the doors are locked.

Students can also access an online database of all the resources contained in our Resource Centre.

Student Lockers

Lockers are available to students in Ross South 8th Floor. Indicate in writing to the Graduate Program Assistant the locker you have claimed for use, and put a lock on it. Please remember to remove the lock at the end of the academic year. Locks not removed by May 30th will be cut off.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is a Student Government body, funded by the university. All program level student associations are part of this student government body. Please contact the GSA directly or visit their website for further information. To learn more about their health plan please visit their page devoted specifically to health and and dental.

Social Work Graduate Student Association/Social Work Association of Graduate Students (SWAGS)

The Social Work Graduate Student Association represents the voice of graduate students in the MSW program, providing leadership and opportunities for those interested in organizing and participating in student events and activities. This association is an initiative of the students.

The Association is comprised of student representatives who meet on a regular basis to address student's. concerns, and maximize student participation in the program.

The Association has a yearly budget, however, fundraising and faculty support are pursued for specific projects. The Association has standing on the York Graduate Student Association and the Tri-university Committee, comprised of the Ryerson, U of T, and York Schools of Social Work.

Over the years the Association has hosted student events such as Seminar Series and Workshops, has supported social justice events in the city, and has participated on Social Work Faculty committees. The Association has representatives on the following committees: Social Work Practicum Committee, Social Work Graduate Executive Committee, Faculty of Graduate Studies Council, and Graduate Student Association.

Interested students are invited to attend meetings. Please refer to the MSW Bulletin Board in the Graduate Student's Lounge at the School of Social Work for times and locations of these meetings.

Campus Facilities and Services

Scott Library

York University's main library, Scott Library, is attached to the Ross Building — Central Square.

To obtain a library card: take your sessional student card, which you receive each session you register (F/W and Summer) to the library where they will issue you a library card. Graduate students have the opportunity of getting an "extended 90 day loan" period from the library. However, there is a memo that must be obtained from the Social Work Office and signed by the Graduate Program Director before this privilege can be extended by the library. Contact Kathleen if you would like one of these memos.

If you have any questions about social work library services, please contact Lois Spencer, the Atkinson Librarian at 416-736-2100 Extension 88896.

Library hours and other information can be obtained by calling 416-736-5150. A telephone book renewal service is available at 416-736-5760 until 9 pm.


To park at York University, it is advisable, and in the end probably cheaper and more convenient, to purchase a parking pass. Parking passes can be purchased from the Parking Office. Their phone number 416-736-5335. Please note that the Kinsmen Building Parking Lot is a Reserved Lot, if you do not hold a Reserved Decal issued by the Parking Office, your car will be tagged and/or towed.

Career Services

Located in 202 McLaughlin College, Career Services offer a wide variety of opportunities, from learning the basics of job search techniques to conducting computerized occupation/job searches on the Internet. They offer year-round workshops on writing effective resumes, acing interviews and much more. Their phone number is 416-736-5351.

Counselling and Development Centre (CDC)

CDC offers personal counselling and workshops on a wide range of topics and provide community mental health consultation. The Centre also has a specialized learning disabilities program, social groups and workshops, a self-help program and a learnng skills program. Confidential counselling services are available free of charge to all York students. This centre is located in room 145 Behavioural Sciences Building and their phone number is 736-5297.

Social Work Resources

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