PhD Alumni

PhD Graduates 2017

Sulaimon Giwa

Dissertation: Surviving racist culture: Strategies of managing racism among gay men of colour — An interpretative phenomenological analysis.

Selected Publications:
Pon, G., Giwa, S., & Razack, N. (2016). Foundations of anti-racism and anti-oppression in social work practice. In A. Al-Krenawi, J. R. Graham, & N. Habibov (eds.), Diversity and Social Work in Canada (pp. 38-58). Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press.

Giwa, S. (2015). More than a disease: Positive psychology’s relevance to social work practice with gay men of colour. International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology, 2(2). doi: 10.4172/ijscp.1000129

Meng, Y., Giwa, S., & Anucha, U. (2015). Is there racial discrimination in police stop-and-searches of Black youth? A Toronto case study. Canadian Journal of Family and Youth, 7(1), 115-148.

Giwa, S., James, C. E., Anucha, U., & Schwartz, K. (2014). Community policing—A shared responsibility: A voice-centered relational method analysis of a police/youth-of-color dialogue. Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 12(3), 218-245.

Julia E. Janes

Dissertation: Governance through Participation: An Inquiry into the Social Relations of Community-based Research

Selected Publications:
Janes, J. 2016. The ‘Will to Participate’: Governmentality and Community-based Participatory Research. Intersectionalities, Special Issue: The Ethics and Politics of Knowledge Production, 5 (1), 110-125.

Janes, J. 2015. (Post) Colonial Encounters: Epistemic Privilege and Community-based Research. Action Research, 14 (1), 72-87. DOI:

Janes, J., Ibhawoh, B., Razack, N, & Gilbert, N. 2014. The Trouble with Triumph: Discourses of Governmentality in Mainstream Media Representations of Urban Youth. Journal of Progressive Human Services, 25 (10), 50-69. DOI:10.1080/10428232.2014.855988

PhD Graduates 2014-2016

Shana Almeida

Dissertation:  Theorizing the Local: Diversity, Race, and Belonging in the City of Toronto

Selected Publications:

Almeida, S. (2016). “Exposing the Threads: A Critical Interrogation of the Policies, Practices and (Non-)Performativity of Diversity in the City of Toronto”. Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies, 16, Special Issue, 94-123.

Almeida, S. (2015). Race-based epistemologies: The role of race and dominance in knowledge production. Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies, 13, Summer, 79-105.

Almeida, S. (2013). (Re)cognition: A move to explicate race in Axel Honneth‟s critical theory of social justice. Critical Social Work, 14(2), 83-97.

Ameil Joseph

Dissertation: Authorities on the Subject: Deportation and the Confluence of Violence within Forensic Mental Health and Immigration Systems

Selected Publications:

Joseph, A.J. (2015). Deportation and the confluence of violence within forensic mental health and immigration systems. Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan.

Joseph, A. J. (2015). The Necessity of an Attention to Eurocentrism and Colonial Technologies: an Addition to Critical Mental Health. Disability & Society, 30(7), 1021–1041.

Joseph, A. J. (2015). Beyond intersectionalities of identity or interlocking analyses of difference: confluence and the problematic of “anti”-oppression. Intersectionalities: A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity, and Practice, 4(1), 15-39.

Joseph, A. J. (2014). A prescription for violence: The legacy of colonization in contemporary forensic mental health and the production of difference. Critical Criminology, 22(2), 273-293.

Nimo Bokore

Dissertation:   Somali-Canadian Women: Historical Past of Survival and Facing Everyday Challenges of Resettlement

Selected Publications:

Bokore, Nimo (2012). Suffering in Silence: A Somali Canadian Case Study, Journal of Social Work Practice: Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community, Rutledge- doi:10.1080/02650533.2012.682979

MacDonnell, Judith Ann, Mahdieh Fay Dastjerdi, Nimo Bokore and Nazilla Khanlou,(2012) “Becoming Resilient”: Promoting the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Immigrant Women in a Canadian Context. Journal of Nursing Research and Practice. Hindawi Publishing Corporation. Volume (2012), Article ID 576586

Ferzana Chaze

Dissertation: The Social Organization of South Asian Immigrant Women's Mothering in Canada

Selected Publications:

George, U. & Chaze, F. (2015). Punjabi/Sikhs in Canada: Dimensions of Integration. In S. Rajan, V. Varghese & A. Nanada (Eds.). Migrations, Mobility and Multiple Affiliation: Punjabis in a Transnational World. Cambridge University Press.

Chaze, F., Thomson, M.S., George, U., & Guruge, S. (2015). Role of cultural beliefs, religion and spirituality in mental health service utilization among immigrants in Canada: A scoping review. Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health. 10.7870/cjcmh-2015-015.

Daniel Kikulwe

Dissertation:    This Is What We Know: Working from the Margins in Child Welfare

Selected Publications:

Kikulwe, D. (2015). Theorizing race: Examining experiences of racialized families in the child welfare system. In M. Jacobs & L. Visano (Eds.). ‘Righting’ humanity: In our time. APF Press.

Kikulwe, D. (accepted). Boundaries and identity: Racialized child welfare workers’ perspectives of their histories and experiences when working with diverse families. In M. Montgomery, D. Fuch, D. Badry & D. Kikulwe (Eds.) Voices from the Prairies. University of Regina Press.

Kikulwe D. & Swift K. (accepted). Child Protection: Policy translations. In S. Köengeter & L. Good Gingrich (Eds.). Transnational Social Policy: Social Policy in a World on the Move. New York: Routledge.

Christine Nabukeera

Dissertation:   A Feminist Dialogic Encounter with Refugee Women