Alumni Committee

Committee Members & How to Join!

Social Work Alumni Committee

  • Committee Chair: Chris Pimento
  • Director, School of Social Work: Maurice Poon
  • Graduate Program Director, School of Social Work: Chris Chapman
  • Undergraduate Program Director, School of Social Work: Ruth Green
  • Field Education Manager: Vina Sandher
  • SWAGS Rep: Anna Lee
  • SWSA Rep: Laksha Shah
  • Administrative Support: Pip Horne
  • Alumni Committee: Leneque Wilson, Kasia Ignatowska, Glenn Singh, Zena Havelock, Ken Williams, Jemeisha Williams, Kowa Qiyom, Kourtney Clarke, Michelle Allick, Chris Pimento
  • Mentorship Program Working Group: Zena Havelock, Leneque Wilson, Kasia Ignatowska, Chris Chapman, Vina Sandher, and Pip Horne

There are many ways that you can participate!

  • Be part of the core committee! Our core group is made up of 10+ dedicated members who commit to attending most of the scheduled meetings.
  • Attend our events! If you can’t attend the meetings, we would love to connect with you at the various alumni events that are organized throughout the year.
  • Interested in joining the Alumni Committee? Reach out to Pip Horne, Graduate Program Engagement Coordinator, at to learn more about the ways you can participate. Membership is Free!