Application FAQ

When does the application process begin and end?

Applications for the MSW and PhD will open in October and close in December (MSW) and January (PhD). Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

I have X research course. Would this count?

The course should cover basic research methods like how to form a researchable question, ethics, and basic sampling techniques. If it covers those topics it will count. Statistics courses often don’t cover this. It can be a full or half course as long as it’s completed by the time the MSW begins. We don't have a minimum grade you're required to obtain. Your admission would be conditional on successful completion of the course.

  • Examples at York include:
    • AP/SOCI 2030 Sociological Methods
    • GWST 4555 Feminist Methodologies
    • PSYC 2030 Introduction to Research Methods
    • ENVS 3010 Qualitative Methods in Environmental Studies

I won’t be done my undergraduate degree before the deadline to apply, can I still apply?

There’s no graduate program that makes you wait a year before applying. Submit your transcripts “as is”. If you’re accepted you’ll be asked to submit revised transcripts after you’ve graduated which will indicate your new status. You can, of course, send updated transcripts at any time and your GPA will be re-calculated based on the newest grades you've received.

I have X degree. Is it considered related?

Most social sciences are considered related, e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology, women’s studies, international development, social cultural anthropology, criminology. In cases where degrees are borderline we would look to the specific courses that were taken. We don’t assess this in advance of the application. Science degrees are generally not considered related and would not be eligible. If your degree isn’t related you may wish to consider the post-degree BSW. For more information on that program please go here.

Can I take the Two-Year Program, for applicants without a BSW, part-time?

We don’t have a part-time option for that program. You may wish to consider the post-degree BSW. For more information on that program please go here.

How many letters of reference do I need?

Three: one academic, one professional, one is your choice. Some people find that as mature students they have difficulty finding an academic reference. It will hurt your application to not include a reference that can speak to your academic abilities. You may wish to consider volunteering for a professor for a period of time with the understanding that she will provide a reference letter for you at some point.

Does my professional reference use the same form as the academic reference?

References are done electronically when you enter their names and email addresses and all the forms are the same. Many referees also attach a letter but that’s optional.

What do I put on my statement and how long is it?

It's 2 pages, i.e., 500 words discussing the rationale for applying to the social work program at York University, and specifying areas of practice and research interests.

What is the competitive average?

The minimum is a B+ over the last two years (20 half-courses) of study; however the Two-Year Full-Time MSW has so many applicants the competitive average for that program is an A.

How are the various elements of the package ranked?

Your application is assessed as a whole. We don’t consider any one element of it more valuable than the other. A very weak application in some areas might still be admitted based on strengths in other areas. As long as you meet the minimum standards you have a chance of being admitted.

How many do you admit?

It changes from year to year. Most recently we admitted 20 students to the Two-Year Program, 40 students to the Advanced Standing Full-Time Program, and 20 students to the Advanced Standing Part-Time Program. We received approximately 750 applications for all these program collectively-the most being for the Two-Year Program.

Does X count on my resume?

Everything you put on your resume “counts”. More experience in the social services is always better; and paid tends to be more highly valued than unpaid.

How do I apply?

Start here.