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General – External

Doreen Kronick Memorial Scholarship — The scholarship is open to students enrolled in any graduate program of study at a Canadian university that will lead that individual to a field that will assist persons with learning disabilities. $500.

Ontario Graduate
The Ontario Ministry of Education and Training offers the Ontario Graduate Scholarships to individuals intending to pursue Master's or Doctoral studies in a wide variety of disciplines. Applicants need not be accepted to graduate school at the time of application but must apply a year before planning to undertake their studies. International students are also welcome to apply. The value of the scholarship is currently $5,000 per term or $15,000 per year. Full-time registered students in their last year of undergraduate studies must apply to every university which they intend to attend. At York they must submit their applications to their graduate program by their deadline.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
When you apply to OSAP, you are automatically applying to receive a loan through the federal Canada Student Loans Program and/or the provincial Ontario Student Loans Plan. If you receive a Canada and/or Ontario Student Loan, you must start repaying six months after you have stopped being a full-time student. While you are in school, the government(s) of Canada and/or Ontario pay the interest on your loans. To apply for assistance through OSAP, you must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada (landed immigrant). VISA students are not eligible for OSAP. Awards are made on the basis of income and financial need.

Research Grants in the Field of Intellectual Disability for Graduate Students
Students must state intent to pursue a career in Canada. Applicants must have definite research projects supported by an academic supervisor or a Roeher Institute associate or consultant. $10,000. Roeher Institute.

Social Science and Humanities Research Council Master's Fellowships
This Master's fellowship, tenable at Canadian universities or abroad, is available only to graduate students who have demonstrated a high standard of academic achievement in undergraduate and graduate studies. The current value of the award is $17,700 per 12 months. The deadline for the submission of applications from full-time registered students is set by the Graduate Program office in early fall. Part-time doctoral students or applicants not registered at a university must apply directly to the Council by November 15.

General – Internal at York

Faculty of Graduate Studies Tuition Fee Bursary – FGS – 416-736-5328 unless otherwise noted

  • Information about this bursary, and other awards, is posted on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website at
  • Offered twice yearly: Fall and Summer.
  • Amounts vary depending on each individual's financial situation.
  • Awarded funds are posted to the student.s account. If the account shows a tuition balance owing, the bursary is applied to the debt. However, if the bursary puts the account in a credit position, the student may apply the amount to the next term.s tuition fees or may choose to request a cheque.

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • should be registered in the current term before applying for a bursary; and
  • should be a full–time graduate student registered in a degree program, who has a demonstrated financial need.

Graduate Development Fund - FGS - 416-736-5481

  • Offered twice yearly — spring and fall.
  • Subsidizes students travel costs to recognized academic events, where they are presenting their scholarly or creative work.
  • Will not support travel to a commercial or remunerated event.
  • Does not cover taxis, conference fees, hotels, associated research costs, etc.

Students should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies for more information on the twice–yearly competition.

Ambassador Gary J. Smith Award
Vice–President Smith is pleased to show his support for York University by establishing an award for an excellent Master's or Doctoral student in need whose area of specialization includes an international focus, preferably relative to Canadian Foreign Policy. Preference will be given to a Glendon College graduate studying in this area. The value of this annual award is $1,750 and the deadline date for receipt of applications is mid–January.

CCCJ–John Lockwood Memorial Award
The CCCJ–John Lockwood Memorial Award, which is valued biannually at $3,750, is to be given to a graduate student who is focusing her or his studies on issues related to cultural diversity or crosscultural understanding in Canada. Among other things, the student's research may focus on prejudice in Canadian society and/or proposals for its elimination. Nominations must be received by April 1st, each year, in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, 230 York Lanes.

Graduate Development Fund
The Graduate Development fund subsidizes travel costs for students who are presenting their scholarly or creative work outside the Toronto area. Funding is awarded early Spring and early Fall. Application forms are available in Graduate Program Offices from mid–August through September and from mid–January through February.

International Students

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
These funds are available to graduate students for study in a Commonwealth country other than their own. The scholarships and fellowships include funds for tuition, travel, living expenses and books. They are generally tenable for two academic years. The deadline date for most countries is October 25. For New Zealand it is Dec. 27.

International Tuition Fee Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded on the recommendation of the Graduate Program to which you have applied. These scholarships are applied directly to the international differential tuition fee in varying amounts (up to approximately $4,800 in 1999/2000) and are awarded at the time an offer of admission is made.

Organization of American States
The objective of this program is to promote the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of the Member States. Fellowships are for periods of three months to two years. The benefits include a round trip ticket, study materials and tuition fees, health insurance and a subsistence allowance. The deadline date for applications is January 24th.

Persons With Disabilities – External

Bursaries for Students With Special Needs
Students with disabilities in Ontario may be eligible for a Special Opportunity Grant (Canada Study Grant) through the Canada Student Loans Program and the OSAP Bursary for Students With Disabilities. Applications for this bursary are available through disability services offices and student awards offices in the province. Costs covered under the bursary program may include, but are not limited to, items or services such as notetakers, tutors, special transportation, technical aids/equipment, computers, special chairs and splints.

Canada Study Grants for Persons with Permanent Disabilities
To qualify for the grants you must meet the following criteria: 1. have applied for a part-time or full-time Canada Student Loan and established need; 2.have a disability of a permanent nature, which limits your ability to perform the daily activities necessary to participate fully in post-secondary studies or in the labour force; able to provide proof of your disability, describing its type and indicating that it is expected to be permanent; and 4. have your full-time or part-time Canada Student Loan in good standing. Types of disabilities which are eligible include: deafness, hardness of hearing, blindness, visual impairment, physical disability, learning disability, other (e.g., head injury, mental illness, etc.). $8,000/academic year.

David Hunter Jorgensen Memorial Award
David Hunter Jorgensen was a graduate of the Master's program in English at York University and a member of the Doctoral program. His family has established this award in his honour valued at $5,000 biannually to candidates who at the time of taking up the award, is enrolled in a Master's or Doctoral program at York University and who are physically disabled. The deadline date for completed applications is April 15th.

Disabled Child's Benefit
Valued at $164.17 per month. Awarded to a student attending any full–time program at any accredited Canadian post–secondary school. Must be 18 to 25 years old. Father/breadwinner is disabled. COLA increases possible. Submit completed application and school attendance form. Canada Pension Plan.

Glenn Thompson Bursary
The Glenn Thompson Bursary will be given to a student with a psychiatric disability entering or enrolled in a Masters of Social Work program in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies (full–time) and demonstrating financial need.
A student applying for The Glenn Thompson Bursary will be required to (a) produce written diagnosis from a currently registered medical doctor or psychiatrist that has been signed no more than 12 months from the date of the award application (b) sign the Atkinson Counseling Centre's (the "Centre") standard release form which permits the Centre to submit their name to Atkinson's Faculty Council for the purpose of selecting the Bursary recipient and (c) complete an Atkinson Bursary form.

Gloria Landia Memorial Bursary
One bursary will be awarded to a mature individual with learning disabilities in a postsecondary program or accredited vocational institute who has been absent from full-time education for a period of three years. Recipients must be Ontario residents. $1,000.

Imperial Tobacco Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students
Must meet the definition of disability. A disability is a functional limitation from a physical, sensory, or mental impairment for an indefinite period. May re–apply each year to a maximum of four years. $5,000.

Persons With Disabilities – Internal at york

ACCESS York Award
Students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 5.0 (C+), be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident and Ontario resident and be in financial need. Two awards for $500 are available.

Conrad Bursary
Students must demonstrate an extracurricular commitment to improving the lives of students with disabilities at York and have financial need. One award of $750 is available.

Dr. Harry Botterell Bursary
This award is for undergraduate or graduate mobility–disabled students in good academic standing. Preference given to students who have community involvement. Students must be Canadian citizens/permanent residents and Ontario residents and demonstrate financial need. Two awards for $2,000 are available.

The Dusk Family Bursary
This award is for a student with a physical disability. The student must have a cumulative grade point average of 6.0 (B), be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident and an Ontario resident and be in financial need. One award of $850 is available.

Edith A. Horsley Bursary
For a student with a physical disability in financial need. One award of $500.

Ron Cope Bursary
This award is for students who are deaf, deafened or hard of hearing. Students must be Canadian citizens/permanent residents, Ontario residents and be in financial need. Five awards of $1,400 are available.

The Sheldon Levy Award
This award is for an undergraduate or graduate student with a disability. The student must be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident, be an Ontario resident and have financial need. One award of $1,250 is available.

Students with Financial Need – Internal at York

Atkinson Students' Association (ASA) Bursary
The Bursary was established by the Atkinson Students' Association, to help students in need of financial support. Students must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants and meet Ontario residency requirements as per OSAP guidelines.

Canadian Daughters League
The Canadian Daughters League is an educational and sororall society which was established in 1923 to promote the interests of Canada. This award goes to a student currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work program who demonstrates financial need, to be selected by the School of Social Work on the basis of need and academic excellence. The value of the award is $200; one award will be made each year.

Dierdre Tomlinson Bursary Fund
Through the generosity of a MSW alumni of the School of Social Work at York University, this Fund was established to assist Social Work MSW students with financial needs.

Franc and Mary Joubin Bursary Fund
Through the generosity of the late Mr. Franc R. Joubin, this Fund was established to assist Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies part-time students (registered in less than 18 credits per session): a) whose education has been interrupted for financial reasons, or b) who are in pursuit of graduate studies in Canada or abroad, immediately upon graduation.

Harry S. Crowe/ Atkinson Students' Association (ASA) Bursary
The Harry S. Crowe/Atkinson Students' Association (ASA) Bursary fund is for Atkinson students requiring financial assistance who have demonstrated financial need on a bursary application form.

Tzu Chi Bursary Fund
Through the generous donation of Tzu Chi Foundation, this Fund is available for Social Work MSW students with financial needs.

University Women's Club North York
This award is available to an Atkinson student in a degree program who has satisfactorily completed at least 30 credits and who is in need of financial assistance. Preference will be given to North York residents.